Shai Linne Discusses His Song "Fal$e Teacher$" with Russell Moore (President-elect of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission)

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“Fal$e Teacher$” by Shai Linne

— FRIDAY, APRIL 26TH, 2013 —

The Cross and the Jukebox

Recently Christian rapper Shai Linne took on America’s prosperity gospel teachers, by name and without apology. He was challenged by the son of prosperity teacher Paula White, and responded with a dose of gospel power and light.

This week Shai was in town, making his way through the country on The Black Out Circuit tour, and I couldn’t wait to have him in the studio. In this episode of “The Cross & the Jukebox,” Shai and I talk about the prosperity gospel, why it’s dangerous, and why it shows up in so many places, including in America’s theological export to the African continent. We talk about how the prosperity gospel isn’t just on TBN, but lurks within every heart, including too often mine and, I’ll bet, yours.

Listen to this episode of “The Cross & the Jukebox” and let me know about any songs that you would like us to examine in the weeks and months to come.  Click HERE to download the MP3 or HERE to listen on Russell Moore's site.