About UpLift! Group

UpLift! is an agency focused on complete brand execution for artists, business executives, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and their organizations through talent representation, booking and consulting.

We are a unique multi-platform marketing and entertainment agency providing expert brand strategy and brand-building consultancies. Our customers are talent whose name is their brand—thought-leaders, public personalities, lifestyle personalities, entertainers—and mission is to provide the best in spiritual and/or personal development resources and lifestyle products.

We develop innovative business strategies....enhancing and refining brand opportunities through leveraged strategic partnerships and expanded distribution channels.


To be a world-class provider and facilitator of uplifting personal development resources and lifestyle products through representation, strategic partnerships and joint ventures with speakers, authors, entertainers, entrepreneurs and organizations.


  • God & His Word
  • Servant Leadership
  • Relationships & Community
  • Growth & Accountability
  • Excellent Stewardship